About Mama’s Mission

We have raised our 5 children, baking family favorites (breads, muffins, and cookies) and regularly including home made soups and dinners that were enjoyed by all. But we also remember the days when we had four young children under the age of 12 and it was such a chore to come up with ideas for dinner, falling back on packaged pasta and rice side dishes and chicken nuggets. Mama was an addict of the 10 for $10 boxed processed foods that included so many mystery ingredients and the processed meats that cooked in record time. Several years ago she read a book that changed her opinion of the food industry and all the popular fads and teachings from the 70-80s and as a result, changed the freshness of our foods, and the quality of our foods. As a result, we would say that the overall health of our family is excellent.

We eat fresh fruits and vegetables that we try to purchase as often as possible from our local farmers markets. We try to pay more attention to the quality of our meats and fish, selecting wild caught and pasture raised as often as possible. We have significantly reduced the number of processed foods that come into our house and strive to truly pay attention to the quality of our ingredients. It has had an impact on our family financially as well. Because we are choosing foods and ingredients with more awareness, we are shopping way less impulsively than we used to (throwing 10 for $10 items into the cart without thought). In the last three years we have reduced breads, pastas, and grains- selectively serving gluten free pastas and grains (quinoa, wild rice and brown rice) when we really feel the need for a starchy side dish. We are serving more vegetables, salads, and soups and not forgetting to include healthy fats in our meals.

Mama’s Mission

Mama’s Mission has become our mission to help you; the busy parent who hasn’t made time for meal planning, the adult who has recently transitioned to cooking for themselves and realizes it can be a lot of work, the people that would like nutritious options without all of the preservatives and chemicals that are added by the food industry giants . We are offering options for every BODY- those who choose to follow a vegan lifestyle or must follow it due to dairy and egg sensitivities, options for those who must avoid gluten, low- carb/ keto and sugar free options too. Mama’s Mission- Meals Made Easier- Options for Every Body