We do not include bouillon in any of our soups or dinners because we became aware that many people have sensitivities to msg and/or soy. You are free to choose your preferred broth, bone broth or even bouillon to add to any recipe. If you want to use bouillon, add as many teaspoons as you would need to make a broth with your water (example 4 tsp to 4 cups of water).
Yes we can! Because each of our meals are made by us, if you would like to make a request to remove salt, or sugar, or almonds (for example) we can do that. Please make sure you make that request upon ordering.
Yes we can ship, but only within New York State and for an additional fee based on the weight of your package. Because we are licensed by the Department of Agriculture there are certain restrictions.

You may place orders by sending an email to mamasmissionpantry@gmail,com or directly through the contact us page. 

Current retail locations:

Buffalo Artisan Food Traders 4558 N. Bailey Avenue Amherst, NY- offers shipping anywhere

Artisan Alley 2714 S. Main Street Newfane, NY- offers shipping anywhere

Windsor Village Old World Market 43 Stevens St. Lockport, NY 14094

The Old Chapel Antique & Artisan Market 172 Robinson Street North Tonawanda, NY

Cobblestone Farm 2134 County Line Road Barker, NY- located right down the road from Medina Wildwood KOA- They offer great camping food options!

All of our gluten free soups, dinners, baked goods, granola and mug cakes are made using certified gluten free ingredients. We are not a 100% gluten free kitchen however, and there is the possibility of trace contamination during processing and production. Measures are continually taken to minimize cross contamination. Any questions please contact us.